So it’s 1/2 way though this part of the year and it was time for parent teacher conferences.  I still don’t really understand why they have them this way.

Here is the scene – It’s a first grade classroom and three adults are sitting on chairs which force your knees into your chest.  We sit there and chat for 2 minutes about everything but school.   Then she tells us that everything is fine and we’ll see you in a few months.

The school only scheduled 10 minutes for each student with the teacher. And I know that the techers are really busy but what are we supposed to get accomplished in 10 minutes?   What if there really was something to discuss?

BTW – She’s doing GREAT !!!

The Due Date

27 Feb

So today was the due date for our new baby and it looks like it’s not going to happen.   Sometime I am not sure who is better at this – doctors or weatherman.   Nobody seems to be able to predict stuff anymore !!

It wouldn’t be so crazy if we didn’t put everything on hold.  We aren’t planning anything right now – just wondering – and waiting.

I wonder how much longer we have to wait ???

Iin the new few days our family will be welcoming a new baby boy into the fold. We’re all really excited to get on with the next part of our lives.

Being this is our second child I know we feel that we are much more prepared for all the things to come but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. I really do not have a idea of how much craziness that is going to ensue over the next few months (years) but I am looking forward to it !

The othrer day I was speaking with Emma and she was telling me (in secret) how much she is worried about how things were going to be different.  I spent a great deal of time sitting with her and just letting her speak out whatever was on her mind.  At 7 years old there is a lot going on inside there.  She’s worried that she won’t be the center of attention. She’s worried that we won’t have time for her.  She’s even worried that we are going to make her change his diaper (ok – maybe I told her that a few times).

In the end we just sat and talked about how things change.  Change isn’t a bad thing I told her. Change can be good. She can now be the big sister (which she has wanted to be for a long time).  She’ll have somebody to help teach how to walk , talk and play.  Somebody to boss around – and somebody to plan sneak attacks on me with.

Helping her see the good side of this was a very good thing for me as well.  While I am very excited I am also worried about the change in our family.  It’s been a long time for just the three of us and we really don’t know what four will bring.

But I know I am up for the challenge – and can’t wait for it to start !

Pierced Ears

16 Feb

When my daughter was young we had a lot of ideas on the ‘rules’ of the house as she got older. We said she would never have a TV or phone in her room, no makeup until she was a teenager, etc. We also said that she couldn’t have her ears pierced until she could take care of the responsibility of caring and cleaning them herself. She was an infant so what was the big deal?

We fast forward a few years and this past weekend the conversation turned to how a few kids in her class had their ears pierced and she thought she was ready. We spoke about the process of how it’s done (they use needles) and how there will probably be a little pain. We talked about how the new earrings need to stay in for 6 weeks and how if she didn’t take care if them they could get infected. I pretty much used every scare tactic in my weak arsenal to guide her nit to do it but her resolve was too strong.

So in Monday night while I was out my wife and daughter headed over to our local Mall and found a place. And she was a trooper. I won’t go into the details but it went well. She had some little earrings put in with a February birthstone (no idea what it is) and when I saw her the next morming she had the biggest smile in the world.

She feels so grown up now and can’t wait to get back to school to show off her new accessory. And why not? She went through her right of passage without a problem and showed my that my little girl is indeed growing up every day and as her dad I need to learn that it’s ok.

The plans we made a few years ago may need to be modified now and then and that’s fine. We’re still learning too.

Oh yeah – the TV was installed in her room about 2 months ago !!

School Delay

29 Jan

After the surprise snow storm which covered NY and Southern New England yesterday it seems that everybody is scrambling.

Funny enough I was out last night and the roads were actually drying out but with the cold overnight winds I guess everything froze over so the buses are delayed.

I think school delays in general are the most fun (and confusing) days for them.  Everybody is thrown off schedule – they are up at the normal time with nothing to do.

It’s a bit of a crazy thing in the morning so they enjoy it – Plus they still get to go in and hang out with their friends for the day !!!

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